selective solder machine

Simple Description

The design is made up of flux spraying, preheating, soldering features. The wave peak is stable and the servicing is simple, mechanical pump and electromagnetic pump are optional.

It may be made use of for soldering by just one solder machine or double solder machines. The utmost width for board passing can access 600 mm. Additional importantly, the device is often made use of for large output application scenarios.

Built-in full-function product, you will find 3 PCB boards or fixtures inside the equipment with the identical time working with the spraying, preheating and welding details, which increases the general production potential in the machine. Impartial spray movement system and independent welding movement platform.Pick the selective solder machine of SunzonTech, which perform perfectly even for lead-free soldering or multi-layer boards, to gear up your production chain.

Feature1. Flux Spraying Module

It adopts the initial Germany imported spray head, together with the opening diameter of 130μm.

The spraying diameter can be as tiny as 3μm, which tremendously cuts down ion air pollution.

It may effectively save the utilizing degree of scaling powder, the selective spraying will save not less than 90% of flux when compared together with the standard spraying.

It is actually offered having a flux filter, which cam properly stop the spraying head from staying blocked.

The piezoelectric kind injection valve plus the micro scale sort automation valve imported from Germany are optional.

By adopting the X/Y dual-axis servo motor management, while using the positioning precision achieving ±0.02mm.

2. Preheating Module

Preheating is split into unbiased temperature control in higher section and decreased part: it adopts sizzling wind convection preheating on leading, and short-wave infrared preheating on base, which raises heat performance, and in the meantime it guarantees uniformity of temperature.

3. Soldering Module

By adopting the patented Gauss tin soldering nozzles, it solves the problems of soldering once the units are dense

4. Versatility On your SMT Assembly

Adopted with modular style and design, in addition, it appropriate with SMEMA online relationship, aid customization for adaptable line assembly. Comprehensive pc command, parameters are established and saved on the laptop. Generating configuration data files are quick for traceability and preservation.

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